Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My First Interview

So today I want to tell you about my first phone interview which started with me calling, hanging up, calling again and hanging up again, then finally on the third try I  made myself stay on the line and let it ring. I thought I was going to pass out as I kept talking and explaining that I wanted to do an interview on their new farming facilities for a farm magazine. As I took a breath and waited, I was thrilled to have such a positive feedback. Most certainly they would be delighted to do an interview.
Well, that all turned out okay. The reason I chose to do a farm story was because I was living in a farming community and I knew about the farms in the area and I also knew that this new farming facility was a big deal in that area. So I contacted a farm magazine well known in the area and asked if they would like a story on that particular subject. They were also delighted. Things were going well and I was delighted also. My first interview however was somewhat of a challenge. When I arrived the people were having lunch. They went about their business of eating and talking and sometimes carrying on other subjects between themselves. I had my trusty tape recorder on and although I capture answers to all of my questions, I also got a good part of their daily living and chit chat. Tracking off to the barn I got pictures and explanations to more of my questions on the workings of the farm, the new equipment and all of that nice stuff.
Back home I turned on my tape recorder and hand wrote it all down. Then after some considerable time I managed to weed out the unimportant stuff and to forge an informative article out of what was left. With the pictures finally developed and choosing the best ones, I neatly typed up my article and sent it all off in a large manilla envelope. (This all before computers)
One of the most exciting and best moments of my life was going to the mailbox and pulling out another brown manilla envelope addressed to me from the farm magazine. After quickly opening it and pulling out the contents of one copy of the magazine and one attached cheque for $90.00, I believe I had the biggest grin on my face that I'd ever worn for a long time. But that wasn't even the best part, after opening the magazine and paging my way through it to find my article, there it was...The Byline, the best part of the article. So that was my first phone interview and first paid article. Tomorrow, more on my correspondence course and what they had me do next. HAPPY WRITING EVERYONE!

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