Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Healing Power of Writing

It has been said that writing is good therapy for what ails you. Ever write a letter and not mail it? But once it was written, even though the person you wrote it to did not read it, you felt better? Of course that was because you released it. You let it go. Maybe you re-read it and didn't feel the anger or hurt or sadness that you felt before you wrote it, the words didn't hold power over you anymore because they were not stuffed inside you killing you.

Journalling is something we do sometimes everyday. It is a good chance to let it all out. Journalling is also a good way to keep a record of our lives and events in our lives. I have more than once gone back to old diaries to check on dates or happenings that I could no longer remember in detail.

Writing of any sort is a good way to get to know yourself. In my deepest darkest moments writing saved me. What I couldn't express to others I could jot down and share with myself. Somehow all my thoughts, worries, concerns looked a little different in the written word. 

This is why I encourage everyone and anyone who hasn't already tried it on a daily or weekly basis to put their hand to it and see what it can do for you. It doesn't matter what you write, or how you write, this is one form of writing that you don't have to worry about being critiqued. This is yours, your private writing, your place to go, your answer to how to begin to heal.

Write a poem to express yourself, or just write and don't worry about what you are saying or where the writing is going. It doesn't even matter if you think it makes sense. Somewhere in your self consciousness  it does because it is all part of you, your being, your soul, your light. So get to know yourself better, the inner you will come out through your writing and the outer you will learn who you really are. Happy Writing Everyone!


  1. I absolutely agree to that. I've written letters before just to get things out of my mind, off my chest and purged from my system. It helps more than people realize and it isn't all that silly.
    Great post!

  2. Well, you being a writer understand how therapeutic writing can be, no matter in what form it is done. And no, it isn't silly at all. Thanks for your comment, glad you dropped by.