Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Going the Freelance Route

Hello again,
After my first interview and the ensuing article, I sent if off then to my correspondence teachers, with a big sigh of relief. And I got a good response from them. However, this was just one assignment and I was to go and do many more over the next two years. But basically the preparation for each assignment, if it was to be an article type, was the same. I can't say that I ever got over the first phone calls to ask for interviews. But that it just me, I am a shy person and I procrastinate as well. But it did start to get a little easier, especially if I already had a home for the article. I did not always have a place to send it, or some magazine that wanted it. As I reached further than around my home for article material I had to send out many queries and not all got good responses. But that is the way of article writing when you are a freelancer.
Then along came the opportunity to do some work for well established newspapers and journals. On one occasion I had queried about an article and instead got a phone call with an assignment for over a dozen articles for a special edition of their paper. This was the case for another newspaper who had advertised for extra help with their centennial paper. On both occasions I was given a list of articles to pursue and write. This was very enjoyable in many ways. A lot of my interviews were done by phone, but the ones in person were more satisfactory to me. But I did discover that I liked doing interviews and I learned to appreciate the interviewee during each interview. This is one form of writing that is very different from fiction but has its own satisfaction. Happy Writing everyone in whatever form it takes.

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  1. Hi Carol,
    You can interview me if you want to for your web site. Like why I decided to write. Its never easy when you are starting out, I feel the same, but you just keep going.